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Top 3 Autumn and winter Cleaning Tips to Keep your Aircraft in a Better Positon April 24, 2015

Aircraft cleaning is very important to keep it in a better condition and make more profit out of it. In some seasons like autumn and winter people start moving from the beaches to the hilly areas to enjoy the snow. Other people go there for trip or holiday parties with their families. During this cold weather it is very necessary to keep your aircraft in a better position. You can take a look on top 3 autumn and winter cleaning tips for your aircraft.

  1. Prepare for Flu Season:

In winter and fall seasons the chances of flu increases tremendously and the downside of these two seasons is that these brings nasty return. Most of the times people are vaccinated others come down with the severe aches and pains of the flu during these seasons. And the chances of flu increases when you travel in aircrafts as it’s the place where there are more bacteria resides especially when the aircraft makes often transcontinental visits.

The reason is that you cannot ask your passengers to wash hands every time when they board the plan. Some passengers keep and use sanitizing products when they board the aircraft. One can develop a full sanitization program or health program for the aircraft. Other ways may include stocking the aircraft with small cans of antiseptic sprays or regular wipes using the bleach.

To remove the bacteria from you aircraft’ it is necessary to wipe down all the hard surfaces of it especially after every flight. Appropriate attention and care should be paid to the handles which are found around the cabin. Beside this seat controls and window shades should also be cleaned.

  1. Get a Small Roll Up Carpet:

Red long and luxurious carpets are often placed at the bottom of the stairs by fixed base operators upon the arrival. You can note there a flood sweep over the ramp due to which carpet’s benefit sweep away and it mostly happens in fall and winter. You can shun this critical situation by simply purchasing a small rollup carpet which is usually very inexpensive. You can use this carpet during the harsh weather and after using it you can again roll it up and place it in the cabin. This roll up carpet will help you out in reducing the cleaning costs and you will be able to use it again whenever there is harsh and nasty weather. It keeps grime and water away from your luxurious carpet.

3.Plan frequent Cleanings:

Make frequent cleanings of your aircraft so that it may remain in a working condition for a long time period. Abundant aircraft cleaning products are also used but there are certain chemicals which must be avoided such as chlorine bleach, dish soaps, Methyl Ethyl Ketone etc. it’s important to make a complete wash at least in a month because it ensures that all the built up chemicals are removed from the aircraft which can bring chances to corrode surfaces.

If it’s not possible to make wipe outs after every flight then go for regular aircraft cleaning and make your aircraft ready for fall and autumn seasons.
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