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Let’s Go Flying: Getting the Gear You Need. September 11, 2014

There is always something desirable, elegant and immaculate about flying, we all love to do it whether during the holidays or in our busiest of days.

Maybe it is the desire of flying that many young people are so content with the profession involving aeronautics. So, often would you hear a child saying, “I want to be a pilot when I grow up”, this is because the enigmatic feeling of flying is so intense that everyone would want to be associated with it even though for some they would never get the chance to get involved with the pilot profession. However, even though many people would not be associated with aeronautics the desire of flying is still the salivation piece in their lives and so they still opt to do it as passengers.

When you decide to undertake this huge opportunity of flying there are certain substantial gear of high importance that you must have for you to enjoy and be safe during the flight. Below are some gears that you must have before you go flying either as a pilot or a passenger.

An appropriate plane.

The plane on which you decide to go with whether you are the pilot or passenger you must ensure that it has been double checked by a mechanical expert and certified to fly. By so doing you are able to minimize risks which are not planned for that may lead to a fatal accident.continue reading..

Survival kit.

It is assumed that people who carry survival kits are pessimistic about their flight, however it is the right thing to do carrying it as a precautionary measure, since according to people who have had flight experiences think of it as the most important gear to have. This is because in case of an unplanned predicament which leads you to landing off the airport it should be assumed that the rescue team will not come immediately and hence you should be prepared to survive by carrying essentials such as a blanket.

A good headset.

Most flights are usually noisy especially when you are travelling using a helicopter which is known to make a lot of noise pollution. In order to protect your ears from damage and unhealthy noise interruptions in order to ensure better communications among people flying with and those in the communications tower you need a good headset which is compatible with both earplugs and microphone.

Compass and direction manual.

These are simple materials to have but the effectiveness they bring to ensure you reach your destination is a mega play. The compass will enable you to know the direction on which you are heading while the direction schematics will guide you on the physical landscapes if at all you get lost.

let's go flying


This is one of the most effective gear which is known to have saved lots of lives during a plane emergency. They help to safeguard life by enabling people to jump of a plane before it crashes yet they swiftly fall from the sky with little or no injuries at all.

The above are the major gear that you must have if you are to go for a nice flying which is guaranteed of safety and full of enjoyment. Although, there are more gears which should be considered this should be put as primary.

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