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How to make an anti static wipe solution for your aircraft September 11, 2014

An anti-static wipe solution for an aircraft is mostly made for the purpose of cleaning the aircraft in order to give it a desirable outlook which displays both beauty and elegance. For years, many people whose main role is to take part in the cleaning of the aircraft have worked hard enough in research to ensure that the smart desirable outlook is achieved. There have been developed theories and practical’s on how one can be able to make his or her own anti-static wipe solution n the quest of removing both dirt and dusty displays which appear on an aircraft. These solutions have the capability of removing even the greasiest of dirt that can make an aircraft look all undesirable. Below is a simple technique of how to make an anti-static wipe solution for an aircraft.

What you need.

Before you can begin doing the procedure of making the anti-static wipe solution there are a number of things which you must have in order to achieve the desired outcome. Some of the requirement that you must have as leading materials include; bottle spray, water, anti-static clean cloth, liquid fabric softener, oil and something to stir with. Without these items, difficulty is posed on how you can actually finish making your end product which is an aircraft cleaning solution.

Safety measures.

For every practical where some chemistry is involved safety measures have to be adhered to. This is because you may never know the end product in a chemical reaction if you are doing it for the first time, it may be calm or vigorous depending on the ingredients used and procedure involved. For this reason, it is always better to keep it safe by ensuring you put on safety measures such as an overcoat, goggles and boots.

The procedure.

First you have to assemble the things you require at one place, except if they are flammable. Take a bowl and mix some water with the liquid fabric softener to about the right portion compared to the water you had put. Stir the mixture as you add a few drops of the essential oil. Finally, pour the mixture in a spraying bottle and shake it vigorously to ensure total mixture (CAUTION: do not shake without first tightening the lid of the spraying bottle). Then leave it to settle for at list 30 minutes before you start using it to clean the aircraft.read more here!

wipe solution

Mechanization of the procedure.

When mixing the portions together it forms a chain of reactions due to the carbon found in both oil and liquid fabric. The chain of reaction is formed from one polymer of carbon to a polymerization of it. This is the same reaction that is seen in soap products.

The above procedure may seem simple in its effect, but the end result is capable of achieving and adhering to its intended role in the best of its ability, hence giving the user a desired outlook of his or her aircraft once it’s done being cleaned up.

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