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 Regardless of whether your cleaning chemicals have been exhausted for aircraft cleaning, today you have more options than any time in recent memory. In any case, finding the right aircraft cleaning chemical(s) for cleaning your airplane shouldn’t be a problem, however, you ought to be cautious so as to recognize your aircraft cleaning products. Yet in the event that you ever need to buy a chemical to clean your aircraft be careful of which type of cleaning chemical or call an expert! Try not to stress, while you’re burrowing through your manual library or trying to know the chemicals you should never use on an aircraft. I will give you a rundown of the Top 4 chemicals you ought to never use on an aircraft:

  • Ammonia-based window cleaners

Windscreens are compulsory for your aircraft, some window cleaners, and other related items can harm your aircraft windscreen that they make number one on our rundown of chemicals you ought to never use on an airplane! it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why such a large number of aircraft owners use these items, however using non-flight endorsed window cleaners can bring about “crazing,” or miniaturized scale estimated splits on the surface of the windscreen. These breaks are not just a blemish, they tend to severely darken sightlines and may refract light in erratic ways, and creating perceivability issues that could leave the windscreen harmed or destroyed, in this way bringing about the need to replace it. Click here !


  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)

While not actually harming to your aircraft machine if used appropriately, MEK’s ascent as a trustworthy dissolvable has experienced harsh criticism inside recent decade because of its risky impact on its client’s wellbeing. These impacts have been negative to the point that, as per the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW), individuals have revealed that long-term use has brought about years of interminable cerebral pains, asthma, influenza-like side effects, wooziness, general disquietude, and weariness. These medical problems, and in addition the accessibility of successful options, make MEK a synthetic you ought to never use for your aircraft cleaning products.

  • Chlorine fade

Extraordinary for keeping the washroom clean, this normal item can turn into a maintenance bad dream if used as a part of your airplane’s toilet supplies. The primary worry about using chlorine blanch is the possibility to make harm seals and (if prepared) the vacuum framework itself by the method for stripping the defensive layer(s) of these things. Likewise, if chlorine dye is blended with your restroom’s supplies, it can cause a lot of damage to your pilot supplies.

  • Dish cleaners

Relatively aircraft proprietors/administrators appreciate using antistatic wipes for cleaning the underside of their airplane since these regions are typically brimming with oil, oils, and dirt that are the immediate aftereffect of various departures, arrivals, and exhausting occasions. Nonetheless, evacuating the developed wreckage on an aircraft’s tummy generally just takes a decent cleaning operator and some elbow oil. Albeit flawlessly suited for degreasing the previous evening’s pizza dish, these finely scented items make for poor general degreasers that can really abandon dingy/sudsy buildups. What’s more, the way that a hefty portion of these items now carries hostile to bacterial operators and even fragrances implies they ought to be left out of aircraft cleaning – under the sink and not on an airplane.


Aircraft Cleaning and Maintenance: Helicopter Cleaning Tips October 23, 2016


Aircraft cleaning isn’t fun. This is a serious task and it must be carried out in the proper manner. Unfortunately most people struggle with this since they don’t have a lot of experience. If you don’t carry out proper aircraft cleaning then it could result in serious damage to the aircraft and that isn’t good. When a helicopter is damaged it could potentially result in thousands of dollars worth of damage! The following are a few simple tips you may want to consider when dealing with cleaning and maintenance.

Dry Wash Can Be Good

Wet washing a helicopter after a long flight can be a great idea but it wastes a lot of water and the government is coming down hard on these issues. However, dry washing is a great way to keep the exterior and even the interior of the aircraft clean and tidy. This will take you probably a lot more time and energy but it is worth it as it helps to keep your helicopter clean! You do have to do this carefully though so that you don’t damage the interior electronics. If you can use the right aircraft cleaning products then it can be far easier for you in the long run.

Understand What Equipment You Are Working With

Let’s be honest helicopters are full of electrical equipment and the equipment requires different maintenance. If you don’t know what that maintenance is then you could end up causing a lot of damage requiring thousands of dollars to repair. However, if you do your research and find out about what equipment you’re working with then you can also find the suitable maintenance requirements too. This will make it easier to clean and what you should be cleaning with also. Aircraft cleaning is important but the wrong method could result in serious damage so know what you have before cleaning or maintaining it. Click here !

Create a Routine for Cleaning

You must create a simple and easy-to-follow schedule or routine so that your helicopter is serviced on a regular basis. It isn’t exactly necessary to clean every day but there needs to be a level of cleanliness and servicing throughout the week whether it’s in use or otherwise. If you don’t fly often but you don’t maintain the aircraft then it may fail to work when you do need it. Choosing aircraft cleaning products is one battle, coming up with a suitable maintenance is something different. If you aren’t sure how to do this then why not make a rule that when it isn’t in use, the helicopter is given a full service once a week and when it is in use, it’s given a thorough clean after the flight.

Easy When You Put Your Mind to It

When it comes to maintaining and cleaning an aircraft like a helicopter it isn’t as difficult as it sounds! Really, dealing with a helicopter can be made a lot simpler if you know how to tackle the issue. When you have the right tools and the right method, keeping the helicopter in good shape can be simple. Buy the best aircraft cleaning products and get the results you want.

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Aircraft Cleaning – Weather Challenges and Prices May 24, 2016

One thing I had taken in while developing my aircraft cleaning business from a super little air ship washing administration into a national versatile auto and truck washing establishment framework is that territorial variety is the way to achievement. Regularly when people approach me for exhortation in the airplane cleaning part, auto washing business, or truck wash industry I need to clarify that quite a bit of my recommendation is particular to a given district and unless I realize what locale they live I will undoubtedly give the wrong guidance, or if nothing else not exactly ideal data. Approve along these lines, we should talk in light of the fact that only a few days ago somebody reached me from an extremely frosty atmosphere about flying machine washing.

What you actually want to do?

He noticed that in spite ofAircraft-Cleaning-Business the fact that my data on aircraft cleaning products was exceptionally useful, he didn’t feel the costs were pertinent to his circumstance or business sector. Without a doubt, I let him know that I totally concede to the evaluating pilot supplies issue, in light of the atmosphere related to pilot supplies. There is a major distinction washing airplane when it’s frigid out, as it’s more hard to work when you have a touch of wind, chilly climate, and so on you see, in case you are in CA, TX or FL, you fundamentally go out in shorts and a T-shirt, set you frosted tea on the truck and walk around the procedure – scarcely a consideration on the planet truly. As a rule you need to put on sun screen, and you need to continue wiping off your sun glasses. Visit this link http://www.hppilots.com/top-3-autumn-and-winter-cleaning-tips-to-keep-your-aircraft-in-a-better-positon/ for more information.

The opposite side of climate 

Presently then, shouldn’t something be said about the opposite side of the climate outline? All things considered, I can’t envision the undeniable irritation it would be to clean military airplane in Kuwait when the slope temp was 135 Degrees Fahrenheit which is the thing that my sibling, a USMC C-130 pilot, let me know the flight groups with antistatic wipes there needed to manage in the mid-year, so obviously, cleaning air ship when the water is cold makes for a difficult day too on the opposite side of the range – and hence, your costs need to mirror that.

The best cleaning services

Keep in mind paying little heed to the kind of cleaning services you offer, you need to make a benefit or you can’t stay in business. If it’s not too much trouble consider this and think on it. As you most likely are aware, flying individuals are not kidding about flying and a perfect plane makes flying more fun and pleasant. Corporate Aviators need you to keep up their positive picture. At the point when in the air ship washing business you won’t just wash outsides of planes, you should likewise have rug cleaning abilities. A large portion of our crewmembers are likewise private pilots and it pays to have pilots as a feature of your representative aircraft on ground service. To take in more about air ship washing, I have put some extra thoughts online to help you.

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Aircraft on ground: when speed matters most November 23, 2015

Aircraft on ground: when speed matters most

The progressively complex and technically refined nature of today’s aircraft can be both regarded as both blessing and a curse. It can be regarded as a blessing for the crew and travelers because it has transformed air travel, making it much easier, more relaxed, and comfortable and providing better environmental presentation. Also visit our top article here. It can be regarded as a curse for carriers or transporters because starting from the steering systems to the traveller facing gadgets and devices, the demand for countless mission-critical extra components is a contest that has to be won within the time that is 24/7 hours and 365 days of the year.

Quick On-Ground Servicing

The fact is that present world’s commercial airplanes are having high technology flying machineries requiring daily checks, renovations, pilot supplies, unexpected repairs, with express distributions of parts needed for quick on-ground servicing. ‘Aircraft on the Ground next flight’ facilities, where parts are transported to return an aircraft to the air, are therefore crucial to a carrier’s process, because postponements can be very expensive. According to Airbus China, the price, per day, for an A380 Airbus to be stranded due to technical reasons goes up to $1,250,000. It is significant that a spare element is sourced, transferred, and installed on an air plane as soon as possible. This advice is given by aeronautics specialists. Getting resources to a manufacture line or to an air plane quickly is everything, and there actually is no way around it. For example, if a flight is functioned without the entertainment system functioning accurately then carriers face the real concern of customer dissatisfaction.

Aircraft on ground: when speed matters most

Carriers know this only very well. That is why refined and sophisticated new air planes, such as the Dreamliner or the Airbus A380, are examined by a system from take-off to landing that warns the need for spare parts while the air plane is still in the air. If it becomes apparent during a flight that a particular element is needed, the information is sent to a service center which then finds the part from the peak supplier before the air plane has even landed.

Of course, the challenge for logistics providers is that today’s globalized product chains mean that spare parts, weather big or small, come from suppliers across the world, but need to reach a specific destination at a particular time. DHL has been organizing a solid AOG offering in order to get clients whatever they need, from smaller machineries to oversized shipments, as fast as they need it.

AOG will launch a new product developed by the company’s Solutions and invention unit, which packages the capabilities, information, expertise and solutions of all DHL businesses weather they are Express, Global Progressing, aircrafts on ground service, Cargo, and Supply Chain, leveraging solutions skill across sectors in one product that will absolutely amaze the market in positive sense. If you need to know more you can also visit this link:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indicated_airspeed. The new solutions developed, will provide even more sustainability due to consistent processes worldwide for different types of parts, and will promise to be very solid addition to the already developed system.


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Planes Cleaning Business Enterprise, Products and Services July 14, 2015


Aircraft cleaning is one of the most challenging but appealing business enterprises to consider today.  This is such a specialized field but one which can be very profitable for any small enterprise.  However, it isn’t always the easiest adventure to start because there are a few minor issues that you’ll come face-to-face with.  You can’t exactly go around every plane and throw your business card at them; that’s not logical and you have to be extremely smart how you approach things.

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Top 3 Autumn and winter Cleaning Tips to Keep your Aircraft in a Better Positon April 24, 2015


Aircraft cleaning is very important to keep it in a better condition and make more profit out of it. In some seasons like autumn and winter people start moving from the beaches to the hilly areas to enjoy the snow. Other people go there for trip or holiday parties with their families. During this cold weather it is very necessary to keep your aircraft in a better position. You can take a look on top 3 autumn and winter cleaning tips for your aircraft.

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Things To Consider When Shopping for Pilot Life Insurance October 21, 2014

When you consider the amount of aircraft in the air at any given time, it is amazing how few accidents actually occur. While some consider being a pilot a dangerous occupation, it is actually much safer up in the air than it is on the road, unless of course you are a fighter pilot!

When trying to secure a life insurance policy, the challenge is to find a company that does not put you into one “danger” category and charge an excessive premium simply because you fly recreationally or professionally.

Factors that Will Contribute to Lower Life Insurance Premiums for Pilots

Health – as you already know, not just anyone can be a pilot. The rigors of the profession demand that pilots are generally in extremely good health and are well-educated individuals. Think about it…when was the last time you heard of a pilot having a heart attack while flying?

You are far more likely to have heard about someone behind the wheel of a vehicle having a heart attack. That being the case, pilots live longer than the average person, contributing to a lower overall rate.

Aircraft – the type of aircraft being flown will play a significant role in how much the monthly premium is. Larger aircrafts, such as a commercial airliner, are generally considered safer than smaller aircraft. For instance, do you think the biplane flying low over beaches with advertising banners is safer than a 747?

Think about the safeguards in place for commercial planes vs. those of someone that actually owns their own small plane.

Professional or Recreational Flying – the amount of time in the air will also play a role in how much to charge an applicant. Are you flying five days a week as a profession or is this something you only do once or twice a month for recreation? Are you traveling long distances or merely flying for an hour a week?

Experience – experience and/or training also play a role in the expense of the premium. As with any profession, the longer you do it, the more likely you are to become more proficient. Would you prefer to fly with a captain that has ten years in the cockpit or one that is on his or her first commercial flight? genesage.com/life-insurance-over-60 offer a useful guide for older pilots looking to get covered without paying out too much for a policy.

The more experience and specialized training you have, the more likely you will see a reduction in rate compared to less experienced pilots.

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How to make an anti static wipe solution for your aircraft September 11, 2014

wipe solution

An anti-static wipe solution for an aircraft is mostly made for the purpose of cleaning the aircraft in order to give it a desirable outlook which displays both beauty and elegance. For years, many people whose main role is to take part in the cleaning of the aircraft have worked hard enough in research to ensure that the smart desirable outlook is achieved. There have been developed theories and practical’s on how one can be able to make his or her own anti-static wipe solution n the quest of removing both dirt and dusty displays which appear on an aircraft. These solutions have the capability of removing even the greasiest of dirt that can make an aircraft look all undesirable. Below is a simple technique of how to make an anti-static wipe solution for an aircraft.

What you need.

Before you can begin doing the procedure of making the anti-static wipe solution there are a number of things which you must have in order to achieve the desired outcome. Some of the requirement that you must have as leading materials include; bottle spray, water, anti-static clean cloth, liquid fabric softener, oil and something to stir with. Without these items, difficulty is posed on how you can actually finish making your end product which is an aircraft cleaning solution.

Safety measures.

For every practical where some chemistry is involved safety measures have to be adhered to. This is because you may never know the end product in a chemical reaction if you are doing it for the first time, it may be calm or vigorous depending on the ingredients used and procedure involved. For this reason, it is always better to keep it safe by ensuring you put on safety measures such as an overcoat, goggles and boots.

The procedure.

First you have to assemble the things you require at one place, except if they are flammable. Take a bowl and mix some water with the liquid fabric softener to about the right portion compared to the water you had put. Stir the mixture as you add a few drops of the essential oil. Finally, pour the mixture in a spraying bottle and shake it vigorously to ensure total mixture (CAUTION: do not shake without first tightening the lid of the spraying bottle). Then leave it to settle for at list 30 minutes before you start using it to clean the aircraft.read more here!

wipe solution

Mechanization of the procedure.

When mixing the portions together it forms a chain of reactions due to the carbon found in both oil and liquid fabric. The chain of reaction is formed from one polymer of carbon to a polymerization of it. This is the same reaction that is seen in soap products.

The above procedure may seem simple in its effect, but the end result is capable of achieving and adhering to its intended role in the best of its ability, hence giving the user a desired outlook of his or her aircraft once it’s done being cleaned up.

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6 things about Quality Pilot Supplies

wayman pilot supplies

Almost in every profession around the world, quality supplies are required in order to execute the job at hand effectively. Most pilots are known to refuse and stand on their view of quality supplies to them since they want to guarantee their passengers of safety. Today, there are many pilots around the world and most of them are known to execute their tasks in the most effective way possible and when asked how they are able to take their profession to a whole new level they usually humble themselves and give the credit to the supplies they are given to use. What is it then with quality pilot supplies? Below are six things that make quality pilot supplies effective to execute aeronautical tasks and also safe in the process.

Advanced and adequate technology.

Most piloting supplies usually come to effectiveness and efficiency due to the advancement in technology whereby the task at hand is made easier and more accurate to be executed. If at all a technology is advanced then it means the difficulty which was experienced before will be solved by the current one.

Proper communications.

Pilot supplies usually include communication gadgets which make the flight to be able to keep in touch with the control tower for a swifter journey for both the captain or pilot and passengers onboard the plane. This also, guarantees for a safe flight and high chances of reaching the correct destination since the control tower is able to monitor the plane, hence reaching out to the captain directing him or her on what to do.

Quality directional supplies.

Quality direction supplies such as compasses are known to be very effective especially when showing directions. For example, if you pick out a compass that has not achieved the necessary standards in conducting piloting activities there is a high chance that its execution in the task would be below average as compared to a quality compass which would guarantee you effectiveness.

Quality emergency supplies.

Emergency supplies should be put as one of the first priority means of quality piloting supplies; this is because they tend to save more lives than equipments that are of low standard. For instance, a quality parachute is able to guarantee that it will be able to conduct its duty as required as compared to that of low standards.

wayman pilot supplies

Clean and admirable.

Many pilot supplies come with antistatic wipe solutions which are aimed at making the aircraft area clean and admirable for both the pilot and his or her passenger. There are various types of aircraft cleaning solutions and when they are implemented to carry out their duties they bring out quality professionalism into the piloting services due to the clean working atmosphere.

Training manuals.

These types of pilot supplies help them to be acquainted with modern types of technology that are required for him to master. Also, the training manuals may consist of various ways to be safe and how to execute various tasks if a complication arises on which the control cannot put up a helping hand.

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6 Best Online Pilot Supply Shops.

Flight To Success

Every business that is involved with the aeronautics needs to have pilot supplies in order for it to survive in the market. Today many people are getting involved with the piloting world as many youths are eager to join this profession. However, getting the necessary supplies is usually a difficult task which is put before different people as most of them do not know where to purchase them. This is because the aeronautical supplies are very limited and only few shops around the world sell them, this creates the accessibility barriers if at all you are located far away from such shops.read post here!

Also, there are shops that sell pilot supplies which are not up to standard or those that are not guided by the aeronautical bodies around the world yet they sell them due to the ignorance of some intentional buyers. To curb you from falling into such treachery and ensuring that you get the best supplies no matter where you are located, below is a list of six online pilot supply shops which offer efficient, effective and up to standard supplies.


This is an online shop that has been in operation for nearly fifteen years with a lot of experiences in both the pilot supplies and trainings on how to use new supplements in the aeronautic industry. The online shop also deals with passenger flight booking and parcel deliveries. The shop is not only online in nature, but also in the physical there services can be obtained. In case of compliments and suggestions their line is always open to receiving them and immediate actions are taken. According to many pilot reviews, this shop has received five-star ratings which include good recommendations from previous buyers.


This is an online shop which not only deals with pilot supplies, rather in all appliances involved in machinery products. This shop like is known for selling quality products that are up to the required maximum standard and they take any complaints of their products very serious to ensure their customers are satisfied.


It is a website that has been in operation for a long period and has acquired a lot of popularity in England. Most aeronautical students, especially those who are majoring in piloting are very fond of this online shop as it is able to give special trainings on how to use effectively the supplies they sell.

Aviation universe.

This is both an online and physical shop located in Chicago Illinois in the United States of America. The best thing about this shop is that once you order the shipment is conducted almost immediately and in the safest way possible. Unlike AFE they do not offer free training, but they ensure that free demonstrations are conducted on any new supplies in the market.

Aviation gear.

This is also both an online shop and a physical one whereby people can come and buy their aviation needs including learning services. They are known to have all aviation supplies including those required by pilots. Their goods and services are top notches and they have been recognized by various aviation societies to meet their standards.

Flight To Success

Pilot shop.

This is an online shop where intentional and previous buyers are put on a forum to chat on what types of pilot supplies they should buy and which they should not even attempt on buying. The  forums are meant to enlighten intentional buyers who do not have a previous experience with the products they intend on buying. The shop is also known for its non-fluctuating prices which give it popularity as they are considered honest.

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