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Airline Dog Carriers- The Ultimate Solution for Pet Owners Who Love To Travel September 7, 2014

Airline dog carriers are one of the most essential tools that you should have if you often travel with your pet by air. But then, there can be plenty of options for you, making you feel confused on which type of carrier you should purchase for your cute little fellow. These dog airline carriers are available in a variety of sizes and you may choose from those that are pliable and soft. In order to make the best decision, you should make your purchase depending on the size of your dog and the type of travel that you will go to.

The Need for a Dog Airline Carrier

In the past, not all individuals were used to using an airline travel dog carrier to aid them during their travel. Thus, the designs and variety of these items are very limited in the market. But now, more and more people are getting particular with the needs of their adorable pets so a great number of manufacturers are actually venturing into designing dog airline carriers. These days, you will find airline dog carriers that are very stylish, comfortable and most importantly promote safety of your pet.

Airline dog carriers are definitely helpful if you are the type of person who always relocates due to some reasons or you are simply fond of traveling and you want to bring your pet with you. These dog airline carriers provide you with convenience of having to bring your pet along without much hassle. Most importantly, it ensures that your pet is safe and comfortable during the entire travel.

The Sleepypod Air

Variety of Airline Dog Carriers

Absolutely, an airline dog travel carrier comes very useful on your travel and if you think that there can be a few options to choose from then you are not right. There are actually a wide variety of dog carriers in the market that can cater to small and large breeds. The most popular are the dog strollers and the couch carriers.

The couch carrier is a popular choice with its soft interiors that make the space really comfortable for your pet. These dog airline carriers can be expanded at the side, making it suitable for long travels. With this kid of carrier, your dog can surely have a restful sleep. The great thing is that this type of dog carrier comes with handles and rollers, letting you and your dog to wander around the airport.

Another type of dog airline carrier is the dog stroller which is intended for puppies and smaller breeds. It is a fact that pup dogs and small dogs are not capable of walking fast and for extended times like humans so they need these carriers so that you can carry them easily whenever you will go. Although stroller carriers are originally intended for small dogs there are also models of this airline dog travel carrier meant for large breeds. These are usually made out of metal or plastic that is more appropriate for larger dogs.

Choosing the Right Size

It is highly essential to buy dog airline carriers that are appropriate for the height, weight and size of your dog. With this, you need to perform accurate measurements before you make a purchase. In measuring the length of your dog, you need to place the measuring tape starting from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail.

Also, the type and size of the dog airline carrier that you will buy must be approved by the airline and this can be ensured by purchasing dog carriers that have airline stamp on it to avoid any trouble later on. Also, the size of the dog carrier that you will choose must not be only comfortable for your dog but for you as well. So, you need to take good measurements and research before you buy a dog carrier.

Few Things to Consider about airline dog travel carriers

Buying an airline dog travel carrier can be time-consuming if you are not aware of what to look for in a good dog carrier according to your pet’s needs and yours as well. To help you out, here are a few things to look at when shopping for dog carriers:

  • Appropriate Size- The dimensions of the dog carrier that you should purchase must be suitable for the size of your dog. Hence, you need to take all the necessary measurements before you buy a dog airline carrier. The carrier must be spacious enough to allow your pet to freely move, turn and stand in while inside.
  • Materials- The material of the dog airline carrier that you should choose should depend on the characteristic of your dog. If you have a strong dog who loves to chew and destroy things then you should go for dog airline carriers that are made of metal or any hard plastic material. Yet, if you have a small dog to bring along then you may opt for carriers made of soft fabrics.
  • Safety Features- Since you will be bringing your pet along with you using these carriers, it is highly important to settle for the ones that provide the best safety for your pet. The materials should be durable and there should be proper support and handles for you to bring your pet from place to place without endangering your pet.

Airline dog carriers are truly a wonderful invention because it has provided a brilliant solution to pet owners who are actually thinking about how to bring their dogs along with their travel. With these carriers, you can bring your dog with you whenever you would like to go.

These carriers let you stay with your best buddy all the time whenever you travel by car or by plane. With the most innovative designs of dog airline carriers these days you will surely find one that can make your pet feel comfortable while you enjoy a pleasant travel. With these carriers, your pets will have a private space of their own as you travel and at the same time, they will certainly feel safe and protected.

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