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Aircraft on ground: when speed matters most November 23, 2015

The progressively complex and technically refined nature of today’s aircraft can be both regarded as both blessing and a curse. It can be regarded as a blessing for the crew and travelers because it has transformed air travel, making it much easier, more relaxed, and comfortable and providing better environmental presentation. Also visit our top article here. It can be regarded as a curse for carriers or transporters because starting from the steering systems to the traveller facing gadgets and devices, the demand for countless mission-critical extra components is a contest that has to be won within the time that is 24/7 hours and 365 days of the year.

Quick On-Ground Servicing

The fact is that present world’s commercial airplanes are having high technology flying machineries requiring daily checks, renovations, pilot supplies, unexpected repairs, with express distributions of parts needed for quick on-ground servicing. ‘Aircraft on the Ground next flight’ facilities, where parts are transported to return an aircraft to the air, are therefore crucial to a carrier’s process, because postponements can be very expensive. According to Airbus China, the price, per day, for an A380 Airbus to be stranded due to technical reasons goes up to $1,250,000. It is significant that a spare element is sourced, transferred, and installed on an air plane as soon as possible. This advice is given by aeronautics specialists. Getting resources to a manufacture line or to an air plane quickly is everything, and there actually is no way around it. For example, if a flight is functioned without the entertainment system functioning accurately then carriers face the real concern of customer dissatisfaction.

Aircraft on ground: when speed matters most

Carriers know this only very well. That is why refined and sophisticated new air planes, such as the Dreamliner or the Airbus A380, are examined by a system from take-off to landing that warns the need for spare parts while the air plane is still in the air. If it becomes apparent during a flight that a particular element is needed, the information is sent to a service center which then finds the part from the peak supplier before the air plane has even landed.

Of course, the challenge for logistics providers is that today’s globalized product chains mean that spare parts, weather big or small, come from suppliers across the world, but need to reach a specific destination at a particular time. DHL has been organizing a solid AOG offering in order to get clients whatever they need, from smaller machineries to oversized shipments, as fast as they need it.

AOG will launch a new product developed by the company’s Solutions and invention unit, which packages the capabilities, information, expertise and solutions of all DHL businesses weather they are Express, Global Progressing, aircrafts on ground service, Cargo, and Supply Chain, leveraging solutions skill across sectors in one product that will absolutely amaze the market in positive sense. If you need to know more you can also visit this link:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indicated_airspeed. The new solutions developed, will provide even more sustainability due to consistent processes worldwide for different types of parts, and will promise to be very solid addition to the already developed system.


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